Discover All About Shannon Kelley: Mary Lou Retton’s Ex-Husband

Who Is Mary Lou Retton’s Ex-Husband? All About Shannon Kelley

When we think of Mary Lou Retton, we often think of her amazing accomplishments as an Olympic gymnast. However, her personal life has also been the subject of much interest. One person who has been in the spotlight due to his relationship with Mary Lou Retton is her ex-husband, Shannon Kelley.

The Early Years

Shannon Kelley is a former quarterback for the University of Texas. He was born in 1964 and attended the university on a football scholarship. During his time at Texas, he became known for his athleticism and talent on the field. This is where he first met Mary Lou Retton. The two began dating and eventually got married in 1990.

Marriage and Family Life

Shannon and Mary Lou were married for 27 years, and during that time, they had four daughters together. The couple seemed to have a strong marriage, but in 2018, Mary Lou announced that they were getting a divorce. This came as a surprise to many, as they had been together for so long and seemed to have a happy family life.

The Divorce

Although the details of their divorce have not been made public, it is clear that it was a difficult time for both Shannon and Mary Lou. In a statement, Mary Lou mentioned that they would always be a family and that their focus was on co-parenting their daughters. Since the divorce, Shannon has kept a relatively low profile, and there have been no reports of any new relationships or public appearances.

Life After Divorce

After his divorce from Mary Lou Retton, Shannon Kelley has maintained a private life. There have been no reports of him being involved in any public relationships or business ventures. It seems that he has chosen to focus on his family and personal life during this time.


Although Shannon Kelley may not be as well known as his ex-wife, Mary Lou Retton, he played an important role in her life and their family. The details of their divorce may remain private, but it is clear that Shannon has chosen to keep a low profile in the years since. As with any public figure, he deserves to have his personal life respected and for the focus to remain on his accomplishments and character, rather than his past relationships.


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