Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton Discuss Wardrobe Malfunctions in Exclusive Interview

Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka and Lucy Boynton Talk Wardrobe Malfunctions

In a recent interview, actresses Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton got candid about their own experiences with wardrobe malfunctions. The three talented young stars opened up about embarrassing moments on the red carpet and how they handle fashion mishaps with grace and humor.

Emma Roberts, known for her roles in «American Horror Story» and «Scream Queens,» revealed that she once had a major wardrobe malfunction at a high-profile event. «I was wearing this beautiful gown with a plunging neckline, and as I was walking on the red carpet, the zipper broke,» she said. «I had to hold the dress together the entire time, and let me tell you, it was not easy.»

Kiernan Shipka, best known for her role as Sally Draper in «Mad Men» and Sabrina Spellman in «Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,» shared a similar story. «I was at an awards show, and the strap of my dress snapped right before I was about to present an award on stage,» she said. «Luckily, I had a quick-thinking stylist who managed to fix it with a safety pin before I went out.»

Lucy Boynton, who gained fame for her portrayal of Mary Austin in «Bohemian Rhapsody,» also had her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions. «I was at a film premiere, and the hem of my dress got caught on something as I was walking up the stairs,» she said. «I didn’t realize it until I felt a tug, and I turned around to see that my dress was getting unraveled. It was mortifying, but I just laughed it off and continued walking.»

How Celebrities Handle Fashion Mishaps

Despite their glamorous appearances on the red carpet, celebrities are not immune to wardrobe malfunctions. However, what sets them apart is how they handle these incidents with poise and confidence.

Emma, Kiernan, and Lucy all emphasized the importance of having a supportive team of stylists and wardrobe assistants who can quickly address any fashion mishaps. «Having a good stylist is essential,» Emma said. «They are the ones who keep an eye on every tiny detail and make sure everything is in place.»

Kiernan added, «It’s all about having a team you can trust. When something goes wrong, they are there to fix it and ensure that you still look impeccable.»

In addition to having a reliable support system, the three actresses highlighted the significance of maintaining a positive attitude in the face of wardrobe malfunctions. «It’s important not to take yourself too seriously,» Lucy said. «At the end of the day, these things happen, and it’s all part of the experience.»

Emma echoed her sentiments, saying, «You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Fashion mishaps are a reality, but they don’t define who you are or diminish your confidence.»

Lessons in Fashion Resilience

The experiences shared by Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton serve as a reminder that wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone, regardless of fame or status. However, what truly matters is how individuals respond to these challenges and maintain their composure in the spotlight.

Their stories also shed light on the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the entertainment industry. Behind every flawless red carpet appearance is a dedicated team of professionals working tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Furthermore, the candid and lighthearted approach that these actresses adopt towards fashion mishaps is a valuable lesson in resilience and self-assurance. Instead of letting a wardrobe malfunction overshadow their accomplishments, they choose to embrace the mishaps as part of their journey and move forward with confidence.

In a world where appearances are meticulously curated and scrutinized, Emma, Kiernan, and Lucy’s refreshing perspective on fashion resilience serves as an inspiration to their fans and followers. It reminds us that embracing imperfections and maintaining a sense of humor can be empowering and liberating.

The Impact of Celebrity Influence

As influential figures in the entertainment industry, Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton’s openness about their experiences with wardrobe malfunctions resonates with audiences around the world. Their authenticity and relatability add a humanizing touch to their glamorous personas, making them even more endearing to their fans.

Moreover, their ability to navigate fashion mishaps with grace and confidence sets a powerful example for individuals who look up to them. By openly discussing their challenges and demonstrating resilience, they inspire others to approach adversity with a positive mindset and a sense of resilience.

In an era where social media and celebrity culture heavily influence societal norms and perceptions of beauty, the way these actresses handle wardrobe malfunctions sends a powerful message. It encourages individuals to embrace their flaws, laugh at themselves, and carry themselves with confidence, regardless of the circumstances.


The stories shared by Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton offer valuable insights into the world of celebrity fashion and resilience. Their experiences with wardrobe malfunctions serve as a reminder that even the most glamorous stars encounter challenges, and it’s their ability to handle these incidents with grace and humor that sets them apart.

Their openness and lighthearted approach to fashion mishaps serve as a source of empowerment and inspiration for their fans, reaffirming the importance of resilience and self-assurance in the face of adversity. As public figures, their influence extends beyond their roles on screen, imparting powerful lessons in confidence and authenticity to audiences worldwide.

In a world where appearances often overshadow substance, Emma, Kiernan, and Lucy’s candid discussions about wardrobe malfunctions foster a sense of relatability and connection with their fans, bridging the gap between celebrity status and everyday experiences. It is a reminder that even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, authenticity and resilience are truly timeless virtues.


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