Get Ready for a Stylish Transformation with the New Magnolia Network Makeover Series ‘Design Down Under’ (Exclusive)

New Magnolia Network Makeover Series ‘Design Down Under’ (Exclusive)

The Magnolia Network, the joint venture between Chip and Joanna Gaines and Discovery, Inc., has been making waves in the world of home improvement and design. With hit shows like «Fixer Upper: Welcome Home» and «Homegrown,» the network has captured the attention of renovation enthusiasts and design aficionados alike. Now, the Magnolia Network is set to launch a new makeover series, «Design Down Under,» which promises to bring a fresh and exciting new look at home design.

Australia’s Rising Influence in the Design World

Australia has been making a name for itself in the design world, with its unique blend of modern and traditional styles. From the coastal chic aesthetic of Byron Bay to the urban sophistication of Melbourne, Australian design is gaining international recognition. The «Design Down Under» series aims to showcase the best of Australian design, highlighting the country’s diverse and innovative approach to home renovation and decoration.

Meet the Influencers

The series will feature a lineup of talented Australian influencers who have made a name for themselves in the design world. From interior designers to architects, each influencer brings their own unique perspective and style to the screen, offering viewers a glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in home design. With their expertise and passion for design, these influencers are sure to inspire viewers to reimagine their own living spaces.

Exploring Unique Design Trends

«Design Down Under» will take viewers on a journey through some of the most stunning homes and spaces in Australia, highlighting the latest design trends and innovations. From sustainable and eco-friendly designs to minimalist and modern aesthetics, the series will explore the diverse and evolving landscape of Australian design. Viewers can expect to be inspired by the creative use of materials, colors, and textures, as well as the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Transformative Makeovers

One of the most exciting aspects of «Design Down Under» is the transformative makeovers that will be featured on the show. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness the incredible before-and-after transformations of homes and spaces, as the influencers work their magic to create stunning and personalized designs. From outdated and uninspired interiors to breathtaking and functional living spaces, the makeovers on «Design Down Under» are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Interactive and Engaging Content

In addition to the televised series, «Design Down Under» will offer viewers interactive and engaging content online, allowing them to connect with the influencers and gain valuable insights into the world of design. From behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive interviews and design tips, the online content will provide an immersive and educational experience for viewers who are passionate about home improvement and design.


With its focus on Australian design and the influence of talented influencers, «Design Down Under» is poised to become a must-watch series for anyone interested in the latest trends and innovations in home renovation and decoration. From the stunning landscapes of Australia to the creative and diverse design trends, the series promises to offer a fresh and exciting look at the world of design, inspiring viewers to take their own design dreams to new heights. Don’t miss the premiere of «Design Down Under» on the Magnolia Network, where home design enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience the best of Australian design and the incredible talents of the influencers shaping the world of design today.

Imaginative and Innovative: Design Down Under


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