How Ashley Marti Earned More Money on OnlyFans Than Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Ashley Marti Made More Money on OnlyFans Than Below Deck Sailing Yacht

In recent news, Ashley Marti, a former cast member of the reality TV show Below Deck Sailing Yacht, made headlines for surpassing her earnings on OnlyFans compared to her time on the popular Bravo series. This revelation has sparked conversations about the growing influence and earning potential of social media platforms and the emerging trend of influencers turning to subscription-based content creation.

The Rise of OnlyFans

OnlyFans has gained significant traction in recent years, becoming a lucrative platform for content creators to monetize their following. The platform allows creators to share exclusive content with their subscribers, who pay a monthly fee for access. While originally known for its adult content, OnlyFans has expanded to include a wide range of creators, from fitness trainers to chefs to reality TV stars like Ashley Marti.

Marti joined OnlyFans in 2020, leveraging her popularity from Below Deck Sailing Yacht to build a loyal following. Her decision to join the platform was met with mixed reactions, with some questioning her move away from traditional reality TV to subscription-based content. However, Marti’s success on OnlyFans has proven that influencers can thrive outside of traditional media formats.

The Power of Personal Branding

Marti’s success on OnlyFans highlights the importance of personal branding in the digital age. Influencers like Marti have a direct line to their audience, allowing them to monetize their personal brand and connect with fans on a more intimate level. This direct relationship with fans can lead to higher engagement and, ultimately, increased earning potential.

Influencers are no longer confined to the limitations of traditional media. Instead, they can leverage platforms like OnlyFans to create and share content that resonates with their audience, leading to a more sustainable and profitable career. Marti’s success on the platform serves as a prime example of how influencers can take control of their brand and financial future.

The Changing Landscape of Influencer Marketing

The rise of OnlyFans and similar platforms signals a shift in the influencer marketing landscape. While brand partnerships and sponsorships have long been the primary source of income for influencers, subscription-based platforms offer a new avenue for monetization. This shift provides influencers with a more stable income stream, reducing their reliance on brand deals and advertising revenue.

In addition, subscription-based platforms grant influencers greater creative freedom, allowing them to share content that may not align with traditional brand partnerships. This freedom to express themselves authentically can lead to a deeper connection with their audience and, subsequently, higher earnings. Marti’s success on OnlyFans underscores the value of diversifying income streams and exploring alternative avenues for monetization.

Embracing Alternative Revenue Streams

Marti’s success on OnlyFans serves as a reminder to influencers and content creators to explore alternative revenue streams. While traditional media formats like reality TV and brand partnerships remain valuable, subscription-based platforms offer a new level of financial independence and creative control. By diversifying their income streams, influencers can safeguard against the unpredictability of the industry and build a more sustainable career.

The success of influencers like Marti on platforms like OnlyFans also highlights the changing preferences of audiences. As consumers seek more authentic and exclusive content, subscription-based platforms offer a more direct and personalized experience. This shift underscores the importance of meeting audience demands and adapting to changing trends in the influencer landscape.


Ashley Marti’s success on OnlyFans demonstrates the evolving landscape of influencer marketing and the growing influence of subscription-based platforms. As influencers continue to explore alternative revenue streams and prioritize personal branding, platforms like OnlyFans are likely to become even more prominent in the industry. The success of influencers on these platforms signals a shift in the traditional media landscape, empowering creators to take control of their financial future and connect with their audience on a more intimate level. Ultimately, Marti’s journey exemplifies the potential for influencers to thrive outside of traditional media and underscores the importance of adapting to changing trends in the digital age.


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