Meet Kyla Pratt’s Adorable 2 Kids: All You Need to Know About Her Family

All About Kyla Pratt’s 2 Kids

Kyla Pratt, the talented actress known for her roles in popular TV shows like «One on One» and the «Proud Family» franchise, has been making headlines in recent years for her beautiful family. With two kids and a successful career, Kyla Pratt is one of the most followed celebrities in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will take a closer look at Kyla Pratt’s two kids and how she balances motherhood with her career.

The Birth of Kyla’s First Child

Kyla Pratt gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Lyric, in 2010. The actress kept the pregnancy and birth relatively private, but she shared the news with her fans shortly after welcoming her daughter into the world. Since then, Pratt has occasionally shared glimpses of her daughter on social media, showing her fans how much she enjoys being a mother.

The Arrival of Kyla’s Second Child

In 2013, Kyla Pratt gave birth to her second child, a son named Lyah. Just like with her first pregnancy, Pratt kept the news private until she was ready to share it with her fans. Since becoming a mother for the second time, Kyla Pratt has continued to keep her children out of the public eye, choosing to prioritize their privacy and childhood.

Motherhood and Career

Balancing motherhood and a successful career in the entertainment industry is no easy task, but Kyla Pratt has managed to do it with grace and poise. Despite her busy schedule as an actress, she always prioritizes her children and makes sure to spend quality time with them. Whether it’s attending red carpet events or filming a new project, Kyla Pratt always makes sure that her kids come first.

Influence on Social Media

As a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, Kyla Pratt’s social media platforms have become a source of inspiration and influence for many of her fans. She often shares relatable and heartwarming moments of her life as a mother, which has garnered a loyal following of parents who look up to her for parenting advice and tips.

Parenting Style

Kyla Pratt has been open about her parenting style, emphasizing the importance of creating a loving and nurturing environment for her children. She believes in providing them with a strong foundation and instilling values that will guide them as they grow up. Pratt’s parenting style emphasizes the importance of balance, education, and unconditional love.

Family Life

Despite her busy schedule, Kyla Pratt always finds time to spend with her children and create lasting memories with them. Whether it’s a family vacation or a simple day at home, Pratt cherishes every moment with her kids and makes sure to create a loving and supportive environment for them to thrive in.


Kyla Pratt’s two kids are a central part of her life, and she continues to prioritize them while pursuing her successful career in the entertainment industry. As an influential figure, Pratt sets an example for parents everywhere by emphasizing the importance of family and the joy that comes with raising children. With her grace and authenticity, Kyla Pratt remains an inspiration to many, showing that it’s possible to balance motherhood and a thriving career.


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