Ree Drummond’s ‘Marital Vacation’ to Colorado: A Healing Getaway After Ladd’s Accident

Ree Drummond Takes a ‘Marital Vacation’ to Colorado After Canceling the Trip Due to Ladd’s Accident

It’s no secret that the Drummond family has been through a lot in recent months. After canceling a planned trip to Colorado due to her husband Ladd’s accident, Ree Drummond has decided to take a «marital vacation» to the scenic state, and fans are excited to see how the couple will relax and enjoy some much-needed time together.

Ree Drummond: More Than Just a Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, has built an empire around her cooking and lifestyle brand. With a successful Food Network show, a line of cookbooks, and a popular blog, Ree has become a household name for many. But beyond her culinary skills, Ree is also a devoted wife and mother, and her family is at the center of everything she does.

The Accident That Changed Everything

In March of 2021, Ladd Drummond, Ree’s husband, was involved in a serious accident on the family’s ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The accident left Ladd with a broken neck, and he spent several weeks in the hospital recovering. The Drummond family was understandably shaken by the incident, and their plans for a vacation to Colorado were put on hold as Ladd focused on his recovery.

A Change of Plans

After canceling their trip to Colorado, Ree and Ladd had to adjust to a new normal as they focused on Ladd’s recovery. But as Ladd’s health improved, the couple began to make plans for a much-needed getaway. This time, however, Ree and Ladd decided to take a «marital vacation» to Colorado, where they could relax and enjoy some quality time together without the distractions of work and other obligations.

Ree’s Colorado Adventure

Ree has been sharing updates from her trip to Colorado on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their vacation. From beautiful scenic views to delicious meals, Ree’s posts have highlighted the couple’s time together and the special moments they’ve shared. Fans have been thrilled to see Ree and Ladd enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation, and the couple’s trip has sparked a new wave of excitement among their followers.

The Power of Taking Time for Each Other

The Drummond family’s journey through Ladd’s accident and recovery has been a reminder of the importance of taking time for each other. In the midst of their busy lives and the demands of running a ranch and managing their various business ventures, Ree and Ladd have shown that prioritizing their relationship is essential. Their «marital vacation» to Colorado serves as a powerful example of how investing in their partnership can bring healing and renewal, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

What’s Next for the Drummonds

As Ree and Ladd continue their vacation in Colorado, fans are eagerly awaiting more updates from the couple. Whether it’s exploring the breathtaking scenery, trying out new restaurants, or simply enjoying each other’s company, fans are excited to see how the couple will make the most of their time together. And as they return to their everyday lives in Oklahoma, Ree and Ladd’s trip serves as a reminder that prioritizing their relationship will continue to be a key focus for them in the future.

In Conclusion

Ree Drummond’s «marital vacation» to Colorado has captured the hearts of fans and onlookers alike. As the couple embraces this opportunity to take time for each other in the midst of challenging times, their journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing relationships and finding moments of rest and renewal. And as they continue to share updates from their trip, fans will no doubt be inspired by the Drummonds’ example of love, resilience, and the beauty of making memories together.


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